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What is this Mutton Bytes? Computer repair - networking


My goal has always been quite simple... to make your computing experience an enjoyable one. My focus is on the individual... be it the home user, Small Office/Home Office person or maybe you just don't have a clue and need one!  I'd be pleased to assist you.

  • Virus & Spyware removal, System clean-up and optimization.
  • Software installation, configuration, updating and troubleshooting.
  • Consultation and upgrades for hardware, software and peripherals.
  • Installation, configuration, security implementation, and troubleshooting of wired/wireless networks.

There, that should help a bit. Don't hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions and thanks for looking.

Where is this Mutton Bytes? Computer repair - networking


I'm located in the Spokane Valley over by Sunrise Elementary, 24th & Adams, right between Spokane and Coeur d'Alene. You know where that is, right?

I can come to you or you can come to me or we can meet somewhere in the middle! For that matter, I can dial in remotely to your computer and go from there... it really depends on your needs and the nature of your computer dilemma.

You can call or text me at 509 216-6983 or email me.

Who is this Mutton Bytes? Computer repair - networking


Live birth of yours truly occurred in September of 1952 in Great Falls MT., on the way to Fairchild AFB near Spokane. Time passed ... and after a few excursions to Hawaii and Alaska I always seemed to gravitate back to Spokane, go figure.

Hawaii was a stint in the US Navy as a Radioman, quite the adventure, and back to Spokane. Then Alaska was too fun courtesy of Louisiana Pacific, as a Computer Operator/RPG Programmer... but then back to Spokane and ultimately Murphey Favre, utilizing my skills in Computer Operations and User Support areas, good people there. Then off to Telect for a time... excellent group, but not to be long lasting.

Now, Mutton Bytes is born... and there you have the short of it.

How Much is this Mutton Bytes? Computer repair - networking


How much will fluctuate with your needs... my hourly rate is $65* per hour, but the majority of work is done on a 'flat fee' basis. That flat fee is currently set at $65, parts would be extra of course.

There are three ways we can get this done:

  • You bring your computer to me, no keyboards, mice or cords, and the AC power cord in the case of a laptop. The system disk is helpful but not required.
  • Remote access, that's right... I'll remote into your computer and take a look-see. I use Team Viewer to diagnose and/or verify what the issue may be. And there are times that I can fix the problem right then and there, quickly! Hourly rates apply to remote work, $35 minimum.
  • And then there's the house call, which often times turn into a diagnostic & pickup of an ailing computer. House calls are at the hourly rate of $65 per hour. It's much cheaper to bring the computer to me is the 'take away' from that.


*All pricing includes 8.7% WA state tax.